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The Smart Remote Receiver is designed for RF smart controllers, such as RGBRGBWCCT and Single Color, with 5 - 24V input.

Lumenstar's Smart Remote Receiver is designed for LED Smart Controllers with 5 - 24V DC input.  Select a remote based on the lighting type that will be used, such as, RGB, RGBW, CCT or Single Color.  Multiple remotes can be paired to multiple receivers and receivers can have multiple remotes paired.  

Dimmable power supplies cannot be used with our RGB controllers. All of our RGB controllers are dimmable with remote.

Product Code LS-RCV-5A
Input voltage 4 x 5A/channel - 12V: 60W/channel / 24V: 120W/channel
Dimensions L58 x W168 x H28mm (L29/32 x W639/64 x H17/64")
Function Master or Slave
Compatibility RGBRGBWCCT and SC
Certifications RoHS

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