LED strip lights are very popular these days, and rightfully so, they boast some very nice benefits over traditional forms of accent lighting.  They are very simple to install, low heat, energy efficient and super bright, they are available in White, Warm white, RGB or many custom colors using a simple to use LED RGB Controller. LED strip lights tend to be very popular in the Club and bar scene, from Back bar displays to cove lighting and ceiling ambiance or backlighting, there aren't many applications where strip lighting isn't a viable option. 

LED Single Color Flexible Strip

When it comes to installation, the White and warm white LED strips are very simple, you need to use a LED Power supply from the line voltage (110V AC) and connect your strips, voila, you have light! Or if you need to cut the strips you can do so every three LEDs and connect them together using solderless connectors.

LED Multi Color RGBW Flexible Strip

For the RGB LED strips, things get slightly more complicated, not only do you require a LED Power supply but you will require an LED RGB Controller after the transformer, this controller is the mastermind behind the RGB LED strip lights. LED RGB Controllers come in many different variations including--Standard RF RGB controllers,this will allow you to easily control your RGB LED strip with 7 standard colors 2 fade and 2 flash functions. A more robust controller is a RGB digital controller, this will allow you to use the standard colors but also the option to program custom LED colors to suit any requirement. There are also Master and Slave RGB controller, these allow you to control multiple zones of RGB from one remote. For the party animal in us all, there is also a music controlled RGB controller, this controller will perform like the RF RGB controller but it will also allow you to use a music mode where the controller will move to the music using either 3 or 7 of the standard colors. 

Overall, LEDs are changing the landscape of lighting, from unique projects to large scale retrofits, LEDs are the choice of educated buyers who genuinely care about the environment and also like saving money and replacement costs long into the future.