Lumenstar LED Lighting supplies a wide variety of LED Bulbs and fixtures for 12V & 24V DC systems, most commonly used in Boat and RV LED replacements. Our Boat & RV line of LED bulbs are manufactured to handle voltage fluctuations common with batteries found on recreational vehicles. They can be used on both 12 and 24V systems and have an operating range of 10-30V DC. A few of our more popular RV and Boat LED Bulbs include our Ba15s single contact 1141, 1156 or 1076 LED lamp replacement, the double contact Ba15d 1157, 1142 LED Bulb and our wedge base T10 LED Lamps (912, 918, 921 LED bulb). We also stock a full line of G4 base LED replacements. 

Our Boat & RV LED bulbs emit little to no heat and are solid state which is beneficial for moving vehicles that create vibration, they also consume a fraction of the electricity of normal halogen and incandescent bulbs, allowing you to preserves precious battery life for when you really need it. 

1156 LED bulb (Ba15s)

1156 LED bulb

BA15s (1156) LED single contact bulb has a 15mm socket base, with inline pins on the side. This LED bulb consumes only 3.2 Watts, is voltage regulated 10-30V DC, for direct use on 12V or 24V battery systems. It  houses 18 SMD LEDs producing 240 Lumens of warm white light. This 1156 LED bulb is great for applications that require Omni-directional light output including dome lights, anchor fixtures, cockpit lamps and wall sconce fixtures.

Ba15s is also known as the 1156 lamp, 1141 or 89 bulb.


1142 LED bulb1142 LED Bulb (Ba15d)

This double contact LED BA15d bulb comes stock with a 15mm push and turn style base with inline pins. This LED 1142 bulb consumes only 3.2 Watts and is voltage regulated at 10-30V DC direct operation on 12V or 24V battery systems. It  houses 18 SMD LEDs producing 240 Lumens of warm white light. This bulb is excellent for applications that require Omni-directional light output including: wall sconce's, anchor lights or for  truck and RV LED replacement.

The Ba15d is also identified as the 1076 lamp or 1142 bulb.


LED T10 18SMD Bulb (921, 912 LED Bulb)

T10 Wedge base LED bulb

Our T10 Wedge base LED bulb house's 18 SMD 5050 LEDs and consumes only 3 watts of electricity with a 360° light output. Voltage Regulated at 10-30VDC for 12VDC or 24VDC systems.

The T10 wedge can also be idetified as a 912, 921 or 918 bulb.

G4 LED Bulb (G4 Bi-Pin LED Replacement)

G4 LED Bulb

G4 18SMD LED Bulb, 10 - 30V DC Voltage regulated for operation on 12 & 24V systems.  Omni-directional warm white light is emitted from 18 SMD LEDs arranged for optimal 360° light output. Drawing only 3.2 Watts, and producting 220 Lumens, this is a great replacement for halogen or incandescent.

Available in White or Warm White light. 


LED G4 Single Direction Bulb (G4-9SMD) (G4 Bi-Pin LED Replacement)

G4 LED Directional Bulb

9 SMD G4 Bi-pin LED Bulb is an excellent replacement for a halogen dome light, reading lamp and undercabinet light applications. This LED G4 Bulb is also voltage regulated at 10-30VDC for use on all 12 and 24V DC systems. To protect the components, an epoxy is applied to enhance the lifespan and durability while in operation. 

T10 Base LED Bulb - 912 LED Wedge Bulb (T10-9SMD)

T10 LED Directional bulb

Wedge Base LED Bulb contains 9 SMD 5050 LEDs that is equivalent to a 10W Incandescent. This bulb only consumes 2 watts and operates on either 12VDC or 24VDC systems.

The T10 wedge LED is identified also as a #912, 918 or 921 LED bulb.


LED Flexible Strip Lighting: Indoor, Outdoor and Weather Sealed
Outdoor LED Strip lighting

Lumenstar LED offers a wide range of Flexible LED Lighting products from indoor LED flexible tape, to completely waterproof outdoor LED flexible strip in a silicone jacket. We also offer a Weather Sealed version of LED Tape that has a silicone covering the LEDs and 3M tape on the back for ease of install. All of our Flexible LED solutions are available for indoor and outdoor applications and can be cut every 3 LEDs to customize to your lighting requirements. We offer both 3528 and 5050 LED Chip options depending on your brightness requirements. cULus & CSA approved LED flexible strip lighting. Stocked at our warehouse in Vancouver. 

LED Deck Light (RD12-6LED)RV Boat LED Courtesy light

This small recessed LED Deck or Step light is designed for interior or exterior applications. Available with 1 Watt power LED, or the more popular 6 LED 0.4W version. We also offer this small LED Deck light in RGB colour changing. This LED step light is easily installed in walls, wood or metal using the pressure fit springs. The Brushed nickel trim is individually machined, the light engine is fully sealed and draws minimal power 0.4W - 1W. Great for step lighting, as an LED path light, a livewell light, or a small cabinet light.

Swivel Trim for MR16 or RD7 Puck Lights

Recess Trim with LED Light

This recessed metal swivel trim is available in  Brushed Nickel or White finishes. It can be used with MR16, GU10 or our pantented RD7 LED puck fixture. The swivel trim allows the light to be directed exactly where it is required. It is simple to install and can be used in many different applications including: LED Cabinet light, LED Display light, LED Ceiling light or an LED Task light. 

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